My One Happy Cat

My One Happy Cat George received his cat gift box from his Cat Dad for his birthday. Happy Birthday George! George’s dad wrote in to tell us he bought the cat Gift box for George after finding out about One Happy Cat from a friend. He wrote:

“Thank you for My One Happy Cat! I bought George a cat gift box from you for his Birthday and I now have One Happy Cat. George the ginger cat is such a lovely cat and I wouldn’t know what to do without him. He’s so affectionate and wants to be with me all the time. Watching me working in the garden or sitting on my lap when I have a cuppa in the afternoon – George is always by my side.

Being a bloke, I’ve never bought anything like this before as I thought these sorts of things were for crazy cat people – which I guess I now am. I’m really pleased I did though because we’ve found lots of new things George likes – like the Webbox Cat food which he now has all the time. The website wasn’t too hard to use and I just picked things I thought George would like. They even gift wrapped the box and sent George a birthday card which was funny.

Although this was just a one off for me I would definitely think about it again next year as I think the box changes every month so it will be a different then. George and I really liked the box so tell the team thank you from My One Happy Cat George!”

You buy the same Cat Gift Box that George received here; Give As A Gift – Cat Gift Box

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