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As a Cat Dad I really loved finding new products for my cats Monte and Saffie. I would spend hours browsing the internet trying to ensure they were living their best lives. From new to tried, tested and trusted products I wanted to find the very best products for my cats. I loved the idea of subscription boxes but found they weren’t suited to me because they often had; numerous cheap cat treats and food samples which didn’t seem great value to me or they were aimed at the crazy cat lady and did not accommodate for the crazy cat dad.

Every cat owner knows their cat is special. Not only to the owner but in their cats preferences. You only need ask yourself “what does my cat do differently?” and I am sure you can think of at least ten things your cat does that is unique to them. All cats play, sleep, eat, drink & show affection but how much and the way they do it are unique to each cats’ personality and preferences. Owners too, are as varied as their cats. So why do all cat gift subscription boxes only cater for a one size fits all approach? Maybe, these subscription boxes were making life easy for themselves, after all it’s not easy curating individual gift boxes for hundreds of customers each month. Or did they believe in the misconception that all cat owners and their cats are all the same?

As a crazy cat dad I couldn’t help feeling let down and left out. I felt others would feel the same. I wanted a quality cat gift subscription box that would be tailored to my needs and customsied to my cats preferences.

And that as they say is history. The concept of One Happy cat was born.

Founded by…

One Happy Cat is a brand of Indoor Cat ltd and founded by its owner Bleu Stessia. You may know Bleu from My Cat Grass the UK’s only Pet Food Grade Cat Grass service. His company Indoor Cat is a cat-centric pet business which launches feline focused pet products aimed at improving the mental and physical well-being of all cats. A proud member of the Pet Industry Federation, One Happy Cat is proud to meet and exceed the PIF customer service charter. Bleu and his team started work on One Happy Cat in April 2020 building a network of big brand suppliers, small businesses and artisans all sharing a feline focused approach to their products – based on his many hours scouring the internet for products for Monte and Saffie.

At the same time, the team spent the majority of 2020 (during the pandemic) working from home. They utilised this time to build, implement and test the technology used to create and manage the customised gift subscription boxes on the website.

In April 2021 One Happy Cat Launched and their story was soon picked up and featured in Your Cat Magazine. If you would like to feature One Happy Cat please use the Contact Us section below.

Press and Media - Bleu Stessia

One Happy Cat Founder – Bleu Stessia.

Using technology and innovation One Happy Cat customises subscription boxes to create gift boxes unique to the preferences of cat and owner. We introduce cats and their owners to new & essential items for cats welfare whilst meeting their preferences. One Happy Cat customises boxes avoiding unwanted items, based on gender of cat & owner, cat lifestyle, life-stage and preferences. We believe our boxes represent better value for money and offer a unique customer experience.

Bleu Stessia, One Happy Cat

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