Kai loves his customised Cat Gift Box

Kai loves his customised Cat Gift Box. We decided to purchase a subscription box for Kai as he is quite an active cat but lives an indoor lifestyle. This means we have to find new and exciting ways to keep him entertained, help him keep the weight off, and stimulated. We don’t always have time to go shopping or searching google for the lastest cat toys, treats and products so the gift box was the convenient way for us to do this. Then if he really liked something and we wanted to buy it again for Kai, then we just purchase it ourselves direct from the producer.

We’ve had two boxes so far and both have been great. Really good value for money and as the box is customsied there wasn’t anything in the box that wasn’t suitable for Kai. Needless to say Kai loves it all and can’t wait to jump in. Kai likes the toys best and its good to have a new toy in the box as this keeps him entertained until the next box. We also really like the Grow Your Own Cat Grass pot included in the last box and we’ll be getting more of these as they seem to calm Kai and apparently they’re good for cats health.

Why Kai loves his customised Cat Gift Box? Probably because it’s something new every month – he knows when the box has arrived and is nudging us to open it for him. The variety keeps him entertained and engaged – he really liked the cat toy that helped with fresh breath playing with it for hours. Secretly though I think he also really loves the tissue paper which provides him with just as much fun.

I would recommend trying the One Off Box if you’re not sure, but we found the subscription box (because you can customise it) was brilliant. Can’t wait for next months box!

You can try the same box Kai’s owners purchased here:

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