Environmentally Friendly Cat Gift Box

We are the UK’s most Environmentally Friendly Cat Gift Box. We’ve spent the last year scouring the UK for local, sustainable suppliers to ensure our packaging meets your expectations in minimising our carbon footprint, remaining sustainable and environmentally friendly. Learn how we selected our suppliers to bring you our Environmentally Friendly Cat Gift Boxes.

Environmentally Friendly Cat Gift Box

Step 1. Our Card board boxes…

are made of recycled card board using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved paper products. We do not print directly on to our card board boxes so no ink is released into the environment and as the box is plain white, you can reuse the box too. Instead of printing on our boxes, we use cardboard sleeves which are more environmentally friendly, see below for more information on our box sleeves.

Sourcing our cardboard boxes from eco.packhelp.com we are able to offset our carbon footprint in the production of our recycled cardboard boxes by planting trees around the world.

Environmentally Friendly Cat Gift Box


Learn more at eco.packhelp.com

One Happy Cat Tissue Paper

Step 2. Our Tissue Paper

is made from acid-free, recycled paper. Our UK supplier uses FSC certified recycled paper and soy inks – so no ink pollution here either! We haven’t included the text from our logo on our tissue paper so you can reuse it without anyone being any the wiser! Use it to wrap gifts and presents for family and friends if you wish or recycle in the knowledge that our acid-free tissue paper is 100% recyclable.

Eco Alliance Tissue Paper

In sourcing our Tissue Paper we have offset our carbon footprint further. Our supplier plants trees on our behalf, around the world – ( 1 tree for every 1000 sheets used). Learn more about Eco Alliance Tissue Paper.

Environmentally Friendly Cat Gift Box

Step 3. Our Box Sleeves…

Once your Cat Gift Boxes contents have been picked, packed and carefully placed in our box and wrapped in tissue paper we wrap the box with our branding sleeve. This helps protect the box and its contents and includes essential retail information such as our bar codes & logos. The sleeves are manufactured locally in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint. Made of recycled FSC approved paper, the sleeves aren’t waxed, laminated or coated. Made of 300gsm kraft paper reduces the amount of material used without compromising quality and protection.

Our FSC certified supplier, uses only Kraft, recycled paper, soy inks and non laminated sleeves ensuring we’re the most environmentally friendly cat gift box on the market.

Reusable and Compostable Mailer Bag

Step 4. Mailer Bags For Shipping

Most mailer bags are made of plastic. Even compostable mailer bags are made using bio-petro chemicals meaning they leave trace petro-chemicals in the soil after they have decomposed damaging the soil and the environment. This just wasn’t acceptable to us. So we scoured UK suppliers to find the UK’s first and only non bio petro-chemical based bio-degradable mailer bag. This mailer bag is 100% recyclable and compostable without leaving any nasty trace chemicals in the soil – you can compost at home or place in your garden bin as they are accepted as garden waste by recycling centers. Our UK sourced mailer bags are the future of shipping and we just had to have them!

Whats’ more our mailer bags have two seals. We seal the bag once when we ship your Cat Gift Box. You can then open the bag to retrieve your Cat Gift Box and use the second seal to ship items of your own. Thus making our mailer bags reusable!

One Happy Cat Wrapping Paper

The Finishing Touches – Our Wrapping Paper…

Our Give As A Gift Box includes free wrapping. We use our own custom wrapping paper so we can ensure the sustainability of our product. Made from 100% high quality recycled paper which you can reuse again! Use it to wrap gifts and presents for family and friends if you wish or recycle in the knowledge that our wrapping paper is 100% recyclable.

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