Saffie loves her One Happy Cat Gift Box

Saffie loves her One Happy Cat Gift Box – thank you!. We bought Saffie a gift box for her birthday – she’s 4 years old and we had tried some other boxes before. They were great but a little hit and miss as to whether Saffie would like all te items. So we tried a One Off order first and as we liked it so much we went for the full custom subscription box. Now when we receive the box all the items are tailored to Saffie (which is important as she’s a bit fussy with food). Now she can eat all the treats and food gifts because they’re in her favourite flavours. We discovered some new favourites too. Saffie can be a bit nervous so it’s great to have new toys to play wiht and it encourages her to come out of her shell and interact wiht us more. We don’t have a garden so the cat friendly plant products were a great idea – so far we’e had cat grass and a grow your own dandelion kit which was a great way to bring the outdoors inside for her. We’ve had three boxes so far and Saffie has loved them all. Now we have moved to the subscription box we have opted to have the owners gift “mix it Up” so sometimes I get a Owners Gift and sometimes my partners gets a “Cat Dad” gift. We also bought the Cat Dad & Cat Mum mugs because we’re a bit cat crazy in this house. They were really good quality although a bit of a treat for us.

Overall I would definitely recommend One Happy Cat gift boxes as they are such good value for money especially with the customisation – I don’t know how they do that for so many cats and owners!

I would definitely recommend trying the subscription box because the items are so well customised that you get better value for money than other subscription boxes we’ve seen out there.

Thanks again, we’ve certainly got One Happy Cat!

You can try the same box Saffie’s owners purchased here: Cat Gift Box One Off Order or the Subscription Box they now receive.

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