When will I be billed?

When will I be billed? All Cat Gift boxes require an immediate payment when placing an order. Our payment details below explain how each of our Cat Gift Boxes differ with regard to payments. Simply put “One Off Cat Gift Box” and “Give As A Gift Cat Gift Box” require one payment when you place your order. Subscription box payments are detailed further below.

One-Off Cat Gift Box and Give As A Gift Box

Payments are taken when you place your order.

Customised Cat Gift Box Subscription

Your first payment is taken with your first order no matter which day of the month you place your first order. You will receive that month’s customised subscription box which will be shipped on the next working day. Your following subscription payments will be taken on the 1st day of each month and will be shipped on the 7th of the month (or following working day if the 7th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday). If you place your first subscription order on the 1st of the month your subscription box will be shipped on the 7th of the month.

Please bear in mind if you place a subscription order on the 28th, 30th or 31st of the month you will pay for and receive that months box and your next payment will be taken the next day (on the 1st of the month) for the following months box.

You can find your payment information and invoices for all previous orders in your My Account > View Order > View Invoice