How do I create an account?

How do I create an account? Currently we only allow customers to create an account on One Happy Cat. This helps us to focus on our customers and make our account creation process really simple. When you place an order on One Happy Cat you simply tick the “Create An Account” tick box and an account will be created for you. Here’s how:

  1. When you’ve added items to your Shopping Cart click on the shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner of every page on the website
  2. Complete the order details such as Personal details, Billing and Shipping addresses
  3. Below the billing address you will see a check box “Create An Account” tick this by clicking in the check box
  4. Enter your email address – This will need to be an active email address you have access to in order to receive our “Account Creation”, “Order Confirmation” emails
  5. You will be prompted to create a password – you can find help on creating a secure password here NCSC Cyberaware the UK governments advice on staying secure online
  6. Enter your payment card details and check out.
  7. Once you have successfully checked out, you will receive your “Account Creation” and “Order” confirmation emails.

That’s it you’re all set, your order placed, account created and confirmed in one simple process.

If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to email us via our Contact Us page or by calling us on 0207 117 2775